Kausani – Switzerland of India

Why is Kausani called Switzerland of India?

Kausani is often dubbed the “Switzerland of India” due to its striking resemblance to the scenic beauty of the Swiss Alps. This comparison primarily arises from the breathtaking views of the Himalayan peaks surrounding Kausani, including prominent summits like Nanda Devi, Trishul, and Panchachuli. The snow-capped mountains against the backdrop of lush greenery evoke images reminiscent of Switzerland’s iconic alpine landscapes.

The tranquil environment of Kausani contributes significantly to its Swiss-like charm. The hill station offers a peaceful retreat with clean air, making it an ideal destination for those seeking solace in nature. This serenity is comparable to the calm and peaceful ambiance found in the Swiss countryside.

The terraced fields and tea gardens of Kausani enhance its picturesque appeal, resembling the agricultural landscapes of Switzerland. The well-maintained tea plantations not only add to the aesthetic beauty but also draw parallels with Switzerland’s renowned alpine meadows.

Furthermore, Kausani’s favorable climate, marked by cool temperatures and refreshing mountain air, adds to its Swiss-like ambiance. The comfortable weather, particularly during the summer months, positions Kausani as a refreshing escape from the plains, akin to Switzerland’s cool and invigorating climate.

Here are some things you should pack when moving here:

  • Dry Clothing: Kausani’s weather can be cool in summer with monsoons, so you should pack dry clothes for the sun and warm clothes for the summer.
  • Snowfall Gear: Snowfall can occur in Kausani even in summer, so you may be advised to pack snow boots, jackets, and trousers as winter gear.
  • Walking shoes: Mountain walking shoes, such as hiking boots, can make travel easier.
  • Travel Permit: If you need a travel permit to visit a natural conservation area, you will need to obtain one before you go to Kausani.
  • Camping Equipment: To experience the Himalayan trekking in Kausani, you should carry camping equipment like tent, sleeping bag, snowfall toys, etc.
  • Cash: There may be less banks and ATMs in Kausani, so you may be advised to carry adequate amount of cash.
  • Health Safety: You should carry adequate quantities of medicines and protective equipment for your health safety and to avoid crowding and congestion.
  • Water and food: Plan to have water and food during your trip, as these supplies can be in short supply at some remote sites.
  • Outer bag: It can be useful to pack an outer bag with room to carry the day’s belongings.
  • Local Information: Always talk to local people to get local information and get guidance from them for the trip.

These are essential items for traveling, but note that your packing material may change depending on the purpose of your trip and the season.


Kausani is a major hill village located in the state of Uttarakhand, India. It is a hilly place full of natural beauty and is famous as a tourist destination. It is a peaceful and safe place surrounded by beautiful mountains, valleys, and vegetation. Some important information about Kausani:

  1. Tourist Places: Kausani is the main center of tourism and has important sites like Ganga Ghat, Chowpatty, Bayani Bugyal, Anasuya Ashram, and Katari Social Institute in the valleys.
  2. Natural Beauty: The natural beauty of the hills around Kausani is very attractive. From here you can see the Himalayan range and Gauri Parvat.
  3. Mountain Trips: Kausani is an ideal destination for tourism, especially for mountaineering and hiking enthusiasts.
  4. Spiritual Places: Kausani also has some spiritual places, such as Anasuya Ashram, where tourists can have a spiritual experience.
  5. Pleasant Weather: The weather in Kausani is pleasant especially between March to June and September to November when you should enjoy this place.
  6. Wildlife: Kausani and its surrounding areas are rich in wildlife, and can be a great opportunity for wildlife monitoring.
  7. Indian Knowledge Centre: Indian Knowledge Center is also located in Kausani, which is especially famous for the poetic and religious texts of Shri Krishna Pranam.
  8. Kausani is a peaceful and natural beauty destination which gives travelers the pleasure of natural beauty and peace.

where to stay in kausani

There are many options for accommodation in Kausani, which you can choose from depending on your needs and budget. Following are some of the major options to stay in Kausani:

  • Hotels and Resorts: There are many hotels and resorts in Kausani, available according to different budgets and requirements. There are some major hotels and resorts in Kausani which can be suitable for your stay.
  • Guest houses and homestays: Guest houses and homestays are also available in Kausani, which can provide a more social and personalized experience. These are usually budget-friendly.
  • Dharamshalas and Gurudwaras: Some Dharamshalas and Gurudwaras are also present in Kausani and provide cheap and ideal stay options for the travelers.
  • Jungle Camps: Kausani also has some jungle camps, which are ideal for enjoying the natural beauty and natural environment.
  • Individual Guest Houses: Some individual guest houses are also in Kausani, which can give you a local experience.

Make sure that you select the hotel or other accommodation based on your stay requirements and budget. Mediate further travel planning as well as comfort of stay.

How to reach Kausani by road

If you want to use road route to reach Kausani, you can follow the following method:

  1. Delhi to Kausani: Kausani is located at a distance of about 400-450 kilometers from Delhi. You have to first reach Kathgodam or Haldwani from Delhi by train or flight. To reach Kausani again you will have to use road or bus service.
  2. Kathgodam to Kausani: Kathgodam is a small town in the district and is located at a distance of about 75 kilometers from Kausani. To reach Kausani from Kathgodam one can use taxi, private car, or bus service.
  3. Haldwani to Kausani: Haldwani is located at a distance of about 160 kilometers from Kausani. One can use taxi, private car, or bus service to reach Kausani from Haldwani. Bus Service: Bus service is near Kausani and can be reached from many cities. You can avail bus services in the direction of Kausani from Delhi, Kathgodam, Haldwani, and other destinations.
  4. Own Car: If you have your own car, you can reach Kausani using it. Note that road conditions in the hilly area may change occasionally, so observe road safety.

It is important to have the right idea and planning for the trip, so that you can reach Kausani without any problem. Travel safely on the road and keep essential kage during the journey.

How to reach Kausani by train

To reach Kausani by rail, you will have to take a train to Delhi or Kathgodam Junction, and again travel from Kathgodam to Kausani. Following are some steps:

  • Delhi to Kausani: First of all, you need to book any train ticket up to Kathgodam Junction in Delhi. Kathgodam Junction is located in Uttarakhand and near Kausani. After reaching Kathgodam Junction, you will have to take a bus, taxi, or private vehicle from Kathgodam to Kausani. This journey is about 75 kilometers and usually takes 2-3 hours.
  • Kathgodam to Kausani: From Kathgodam Junction one can take taxi, private car, or bus service to Kausani.
    Bus service to Kausani is available and you can ask at Kathgodam Junction for bus information from Kathgodam to Kausani.
  • Travel safely on the road and keep essential things in the package during the journey. For information on rail service availability and train details for Kausani, you can use the official website or mobile apps of Indian Railways. You can book trains based on your travel dates and budget.


Best time to visit Kausani

The best time to visit Kausani depends on your preference, season, and requirements. Here are some key requirements based timing considerations:

  • Weather Moderate: The weather in Kausani is pleasant from May to June and from September to November, and this can be the best time to visit. At this time you get a chance to enjoy the natural beauty, and enjoy exploring the mountains.
  • Snow Sports: If you are fond of snow sports, consider visiting Kausani between January to March. This is the time to enjoy mountaineering, skiing, and other snow-related sports.
  • Sri Krishna Janmashtami: If you are interested in attending religious events, then you can consider visiting Kausani during Sri Krishna Janmashtami (July/August).
  • Wildlife Community: If your aim is to observe the wildlife community, then it may be advisable to visit between October to March. Mountain life is often visible at this time.
  • Peace and Rejuvenation of Soul: Kausani is a serene and spiritual place, which can provide you a pleasant time to experience peace and rejuvenation of soul. Therefore, depending on your preferences and needs you can choose the right time to visit Kausani. If you want to enjoy the natural beauty, it may be good to go in summer and winter, and if you are a fan of snow sports, then it may be appropriate to go between January to March.

Places to visit in kausani

Kausani is a hilly place full of natural beauty and there are many tourist places to visit here. Here are some main places to visit:

  • Anasuya Park (Anasuya Devi Temple): This famous temple is situated in the middle of Kausani and is a perfect setting amidst the mountain natural beauty.
  • Baitaltop (Baijnath Temple): Baitaltop is an ancient Hindu temple which was built in the 12th century. The temple here and the natural environment around it are known as attractions.
  • Kausani Experimental Forest: It is a natural forest and biodiversity conservation area near Kausani. There is also ample wildlife here.
  • Tea Garden: There is a tea garden in Chaumal near Kausani which is a serene and lush green place.
  • Sarju Peak: This is a major hill peak which is about 10 kilometers from Kausani. From here you can enjoy the natural view.
  • Someshwar Mahadev Temple: This famous temple is located a few kilometers from Kausani and is an important religious place.
  • Bageshwar: Situated at a distance of about 38 kilometers from Kausani, Bageshwar is also worth seeing and the temples and river banks here are good places to visit.
  • Someshwar: Someshwar is famous for its natural hot springs and the thermal area here has comfortable temperatures.
  • Kausani Pauri Viewpoint: Kausani Pauri Viewpoint is a good place to observe many beautiful views.
  • Bagjeu Community Forest: It is rich with a unique makeup of natural life and water bodies.


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